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This past weekend by program planned an overnight excursion for us. It was amazing! We split the group up over 2 weekends so there were about 20 of us, which was just enough. My group was really good all my close friends and the people i usually hang out with were there so from the start it was good.
The excursion was to Hermanus, about 2 hours from where i am staying in Cape Town. Hermanus is famous for its whales, this is the main attraction for most, so we had whale watching and all kinds of activities planned for the weekend. We got there Friday night and just hung out at our hostile, which they call backpackers out here. They provided us with dinner and we watched tv and relaxed because Saturday was packed with activities. Saturday we woke up early to go sea kayaking but because the weather was so bad everything got pushed back later. So we ended up taking a walk to the old harbour from the view point we could see whales breaching. They were far but the view was beautiful. After that we walked over to the market that was nearby. We had lunch and then headed back to catch our boat to go whale watching. We went out and the water was a little rough, people were getting seasick all over the place. Luckily i was fine and once the boat slowed down i went out to the front, it was scary but i held on and waited for the whales. We found a good spot and followed 3 whales for awhile. It was so cool how close we were but they didn’t do a whole lot and it was freezing so i was happy to head back to land. After my group was supposed to go kayaking but i wasn’t sure if i wanted to go, it was already late and i was cold and other people bailed. I decided i might as well go if its horrible then i can stop.
Let me say this was the best decision. Kayaking was so much fun. I was in a 2 person kayak with my friend Anne Marie and we were having a great time. We weren’t sticking to the group as much as we should have but we had control of our boat and were just having fun. The water was freezing and it was really overcast and windy but it didn’t matter. Before going out our guide gave us a quick safey lesson and in it had mentioned that whales are in the area and that by law we have to stay 300 meters away from them.
Anne Marie and i try to switch places in our kayak (it was a challenge, the guide asked us to) but instead flipped over, so now we are completely soaked but safely back in our kayak and places our switched. A few minutes later a whale comes out of no where and it was so close to our kayak. We were freaking out! When i say close i mean close like within 20 ft. It was terrifying and so exciting at the same time. As cool as it was though we wanted to get away. It was so close that it could easily hurt us and there is no way we should ever be that close. So we try to calm down so we can paddle away, which was very difficult by the way. So we lost the whale and are calming down. I look out into the water and see a weird patch of water, it is very still and calm while the rest was very choppy. After i saw this patch the whale surfaced again, and this time even closer. It surfaced on one side of our kayak then submerged swam UNDERNEATH our kayak and then its entire tail came out of the water 10 ft from us! It was crazy i was screaming because i was terrified it was so so so close to us. We were freaking out and trying to paddle but could not clam down enough to make much progress, we moved away and could not calm down. The guide said that it was a younger and more playful whale and that when it shows its tail it is getting ready to jump, and that we really needed to move away because it could get very dangerous very soon.
Hermanus to be continued...

ps. Happy Anniversary Parents. Love you.

Posted by kymack 09:53

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