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Do I really have to study?

Im am finding the STUDY in study abroad to be the hardest aspect of my trip. Focusing is always a difficult task and i usually am not excited to read or write papers, so on hand this is not new but on the other im in AFRICA! I want to be doing things and exploring and hanging out with friends or lets be honest sleep is always great too. Of course i do a lot of that but i also have a lot of school work as well. I really like school don’t get me wrong. Campus is gorgeous and i like going to classes for the most part, im jus finding the work load to be a bit much on top of all the other things i want to be doing out here. I feel as if i don’t have time for everything i need and want to be doing. Like this for example, haven’t written in so long and i feel bad about that but theres so much going on im just trying to balance it all. Balance is always important no matter where you are and what your doing, i just want to find mine here sooner rather than later because time is weighing on my mind. I’ve already been here over a month and that is crazy to me, and i know i have a lot of time left but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I just want to be able to do everything i want and still make school a priority and not have to make any sacrifices. Its not so bad though. I am still having an amazing time and wouldn’t trade this for anything.
Thank you mom and dad so much for all your hard work and being able to give me this amazing experience. I Love You.

in other news i took an amazing Garden Route trip 2 weeks ago, i'll write on that soon promise and was supposed to be on another trip this weekend but was cancelled due to weather... its crazy out here hot one day raining the next kind of like bay area weather so i like it in a way.
oh and see INCEPTION! it is crazy but worth the money to see in theatres, but go having low expectations that always helps.

Posted by kymack 10:10

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Why have low expectations? Inception is dope!

Glad to hear your having a good time!

by Marty mar aka mr wipe me down

Yes love study! Get those straight A's!!!!!!! Also yes... pictures please!

on a side note "marty mar aka mr wipe me down" i dont even know what to say lol

by Ashley

i thought the same thing ashley. i cant believe he wrote that whole thing out haha my fam is gonna see this.

by kymack

And we have! Boy Marty - a whole new side of you!

Yes study - but explore, make friends, that is the point of your being there. Enjoy this rare time in your life, we are thrilled to be able to give this to you and jealous as well that we did not do the same in our day or that we cannot join you in this day.
And yes, pictures please. Hope you get your trip this weekend. We finally got a summer day here so hopefully you will get nice weather there as well.

by Hallie aka the Mom

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