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This Is Africa

TIA is a common phrase heard in africa simply standing for this is africa. I heard it the first day i arrived and ive heard it everyday since. Its a phrase that is used to explain why certain things are the way they are in Africa. Perhaps a story will help you better understand the phrase:

Last week i woke up and went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I switched on the light and nothing happened, i tried the bathroom again nothing. Clearly the lightbulbs didnt all go out so i go and check the electric meter and find that we have no electricity and this is why nothing will turn on. So i cant really make breakfast and the cereal was gross because the milk had not been refridgerated in who knows how many hours. So the power wont work but hopefully the shower will be in buisness and thankfully it was bc i smelled like gross bar and cigarettes because of the previous nights outing. Dont worry i wasnt smoking its just not California and people can pretty much smoke anywhere. So i got a hot shower...in the dark but whatever it worked. I went to school and wanted to text my roomates that i was going to buy more electricity after school, but i couldn't send a text because my phone no longer had enough airtime to send a text. Phones here work very differently than home and basically work like a pay as you go phone. You buy credits whenever you need them and when you use them up you can only recieve texts and calls. So i had no power and couldn't use my phone. Luckily because everyone is always in need of airtime they sell it everywhere including school. So i bought some but then i couldnt register it to my phone...it finally did but after all of that all you can really say is TIA.
At home if i woke up and had no power and couldnt use my phone i would probably be very upset. Here however expectations are very different. When something doesn't work or doesn't go as smoothly as home its ok, TIA. You get over it and you move on, you adjust.

Posted by kymack 10:10

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dude TIA...haha i love it! just go with it. awesome attitude. great blogs man, can't wait to read more!

by Jackie Landaverde

jackie the vibe here is so you, promise you'll make it out here at some point in your life. and don't worry your best friend is out here too just not as good as home.

by kymack

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